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Writing Music for a Wedding Ceremony

I've had the privledge as a composer to write music for film, tv, web series, podcasts, commercials, trailers, and everything in between. The most successful scores are the ones you can listen to on their own and they still tell a story.

Writing music for a wedding is very similar. I've written a couple of processionals for close friends of mine and the process like scoring a scene in a movie. Typically I'll ask the couple to make a playlist of songs or tracks that they can imagine walking down the aisle to on their special day. The day as a whole really is about telling their story and the original music helps establish the beginning of that story.

We'll go through the playlist together and I'll try and find some musical themes that connect them together. In the writing process I'm trying to hit some of the key moments, like the reveal, and when you've made it up to the front of the ceremony.

It's a really special moment to make sure you have the right song for your walk down the aisle. It's exciting, its happy, but there also should be an element of importance and something regal about it.

I try to find some unique cultural elements in the instrumentation of the track that matches both people and have it represent their new beginning as one. Typically I'll write a couple of versions until I find the one that speaks to the couple best. Once a track is approved we'll record it with some additional live musicians and get ready for the big day!

There's a lot of emotional responsibility placed on the moment as it's generally the first time everyone sees the bride. It is a happy momentous occasion. Below are some of the tracks I've written for weddings in the past and I hope that I can have the honor of writing something for your wedding.

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