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About Me



Hello! Thanks for your interest in Officiantly Wed.

In 2015, I knew I'd be a part of my best friends’ wedding, but they were fighting with each other about which side would I stand on. After a lot of back and forth between the two of them--with me stuck in the middle (yay!)--they asked me to officiate their wedding. And just like that, I became an officiant.

I am a composer in film and television, and writing music in that medium is about telling the story and making sure that even if the music were separated from the visual, it still tells the story. I have also had the pleasure of writing music for some close friends’ wedding processionals too, which is what got me further interested in this idea of what the story of a wedding is.

Hearing about your childhood, how you met, and what your plans for the future are what makes the process special for me. It lets me tell your story in a way that all the guests get to know the both of you  better. Weaving in the details throughout the ceremony is like putting a puzzle together: each piece is a part of your lives, each has their purpose, and each fit together perfectly.

The wedding ceremony is a legal procedure, but it shouldn't be a transactional experience. It is your milestone. It is a celebration. It is yours. I hope that we can make it a memorable moment together.

- David Gonzalez, Non-denominational Minister

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